For all apparatus except vault, difficulty ratings for both the women's and men's elements range from A (easiest) to J (most.


May 24, 2023 · The balance beam is one of the core competitive gymnastics events within a broader sport known as women’s artistic gymnastics. 2022) Appendix 6 – Floor Exercise Symbols.

Skill values: A-rated skills are worth 0.


In Level 6 beam, gymnasts are only allowed to perform A and B skills, along with ONE C dance skill. There is a 1/4 On-1/4 Off vault (to end facing away from the table) for Gold and up. Appendix 7 – Level 6-8 Cheat Sheet.

Appendix 4 – Uneven Bars Symbols (revised July 2022) Appendix 5 – Beam Symbols (revised Oct.

. Otherwise, the rules for each level are very nearly identical. Most times, if the Special Requirements are met, these Value Parts will also be met.

Appendix 4 – Uneven Bars Symbols (revised July 2022) Appendix 5 – Beam Symbols (revised Oct. 3 – A turning element, minimum C value.

Value Parts for a Level 6 Beam Routine.

A tuck jump 1/1 turn is a B value on floor as well as a tuck jump 1 1/4 turn, but a tuck jump 1 1/2 is defined as a C value.

Turning elements normally make us think of pirouettes, but that does not have to be the case. Do a half twist and land in a prone on the stacked mats.

Note that there are a variety of ways to avoid the UTL deduction. .

The flair must be performed with good technique.
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as the difficulty of the skill is higher.

Teamwork involves the ability to work with others toward a shared.

Values range from A to E.

2 and so on. . Also, the L9 vault chart will be different next year.

” The value is determined by the difficulty of the skill in question. All Beam mounts that aren't listed as a "higher" value skill have an "A" value. There are several different types of skills that are performed on balance beam. A balance beam routine may not exceed 90 seconds and must cover the entire length of the beam. Skill values: Gymnasts receive. Jul 24, 2021 · Women’s gymnastics is a marquee sport at the Summer Olympics,.

If the gymnast is missing one of these it is.

Special Requirements. The Up to the Level requirements are deductions taken and do not affect the start value.


Note: Level 6 is the only optional level that may be skipped if a gymnast scored 32AA in a level 5 meet.


All “A” skills have a 0.